worst place to dateThe first date could be the best or worst date with a stranger. I guess that’s the thing about first dates – you just do not know what to expect. You might think you have an understanding of someone’s personality from an online dating site, but the truth is that face-to-face contact and actually conversing allows you to inspect whether the flirtatious chemistry is present.

In addition, the setting of your date can have a tremendous impact on the energy of your encounter, so you need to ensure that you’re not committing the heinous crime of taking your date to the following places:

A family function of any sort: You would be surprised by the amount of men and women who take romantic interests they hardly know to family functions. Meeting any one from the family (even a sibling) is a big deal if you are not official or close to being official. It is also a sign of extreme interest, in addition to being a supremely awkward experience for your date.

Dance club: While the bar is a common place for many first dates, the dance club is not. The loud music, the crowds and the intoxication on a mass scale contribute towards making the night nothing more than rowdy and drunken. You will not be able to spend quality time with your date or get to know them on a more intimate level.

Movies: In the olden days before wide screen televisions and blue ray technology, going out to see a movie was kind of a big deal. Movies did not come out with the same frequency as they do today, and that made the event much more special and conversational. However, taking your date to a movie nowadays is just anti-social. The movie is supposed to give you something to talk about after the date, but if you’re both relying on the movie to make conversation then you are in for a rocky road ahead.

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