1. relationship killersPlaying the blame game: If you’ve ever been in a toxic relationship before, then you know the blame game well. Basically, you and your partner blame each other for the issues in the relationship. Neither of you refuse to accept responsibility or take action to remedy problems, concerns or points of contention. The only way to fix this dysfunctional pattern is to stop pointing the finger and to start asking yourself whether you are really pulling your full weight in the relationship?
  2. Self-Doubt: Insecurity breeds a wide range of vicious emotions in lovers. If one or both partners feel uncomfortable or unsafe in the relationship, then ultimately, feelings of jealousy will rise. A lack of self-esteem can cause men and women to fear losing their partner to someone who they think is “better” than them. Self-doubt destroys relationships because eventually one partner is suffocating the other. The only way to fix this problem is to talk about your insecurities and ensure that your partner understands what causes your confidence to flinch.
  3. Communication breakdown: When two people who claim to love each other stop talking, then you know the relationship is on the decline. Not communicating indicates that neither person is interested in the relationship. They refuse to share and contribute on an emotional level. The latter is what brought you together in the first place, thus no talking will usually spell the end. Fix this problem by making a concerted effort to share your true thoughts and feelings always.
  4. Lack of respect: After being with someone for a very long time, both men and women tend to take their partners for granted after a while. It’s a natural occurrence but that doesn’t make it right. For love to continue growing, acceptance needs to become a fundamental building block. Because as more time goes on in your relationship, you are likely to see all sorts of sides of your partner that you might never have imagined. It’s important not to judge, rather accept who they are. This shows respect, and without respect every single relationship is doomed.
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