The sex secrets of intimate couplesMany dating and sex blogs are asked reader questions regarding how couples can become more intimate. It seems that many of us want to know the secrets of couples that seem attached at the hip mentally, physically and emotionally. It is said that intimate couples also enjoy better sex lives, and this largely due to their familiarity, closeness, and understanding of each other’s needs.

If you’ve been feeling distant from your partner lately then it could signal intimacy issues that must be worked on immediately if the relationship is going to be salvaged. To help you out, we’ve compiled list of habits exhibited by intimate couples. Use these tips to embrace more intimacy in your relationship, and ultimately, have better, more connected sex.

Public displays of affection

You’ve probably seen those couples on the streets that look like racy teenagers. They can’t keep their hands off each other! Amongst intimate couples the levels of PDA are particularly high, and it’s likely that showing public love aids in making both partners feel loved and wanted.

Declaring love and respect often

Intimate couples aren’t afraid to flatter and compliment their partners. Why? Because they love and accept the person they are with as a whole person with strengths and weaknesses. There is no judgment and both partners feel entirely comfortable with one another. Furthermore, intimate couples say “I love you” often and remind their partners how wonderful they are.

Passionate kissing and cuddling

Repeated studies have shown couples that cuddle often have far more sex than couples who cuddle now and then. Cuddling creates a strong bond between couples and helps breed deeper levels of intimacy. Furthermore, passionate kissing and showing enthusiasm for your partner’s body or sexual capabilities further aids in creating an air of acceptance and breeding intimacy.

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