sexy oyster eating coupleThroughout history certain foods have been associated with sexuality and are considered aphrodisiacs. Aphrodisiacs are supposed to increase sexual desire and are appropriately named after the alluring Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. Now I’ve counted down the most popular and tantalizing foods to kick up your sex drive and get you in the mood.


  1. Peppers: There is a chemical found in hot peppers called capasaicin that heightens your senses and your sex drive. Even though by just looking at your partner starting to sweat, blooding rushing to their head, the light feeling that you may start to feel if you ate something intensely spicy; these all are signals of things that may also reflect the bedroom. The combination between capasaicin and your unkempt appearance may be enough to turn an ordinary night into something hot.


  1. Chocolate: What girl doesn’t like chocolate? Besides being a fantastic gift this can also kill two birds with one stone and get her turned on. Originally the idea of chocolate used to make women excited because of its rare quality, like a diamond, but now that it’s still so common girls still seem to get a certain thrill from it. Chocolate is different from the rest of the food items here because what triggers the love from your woman isn’t a higher sex drive per say, but a rush of serotonin which makes her happy and more willing to thank you for that thoughtful gift.


  1. Bananas: Besides being one of the most phallic foods, this fruit should get you feeling turned on both physically and sensually. With a kick shot of potassium to build muscle strength that gives you one thing to do with that long-lasting jaw strength. If you have problems visualizing what to do, just make sure to make your lady eat that banana very slowly.


  1. Oysters: The most commonly recognized and popular food to make our list is the appetizer under the sea… even though when served with it’s other by-product, the pearl, I’m not sure which will turn your girl on faster. However, the slimy delicacy is known for putting people in the mood to do the dirty and even better yet it pairs perfectly with champagne. Scientifically speaking, it’s loaded with zinc which helps to produce more testosterone which initiates a high sex drive in men. Can I take a dozen?


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