relationship coupleTrust is the glue that binds loving relationships together. Without trust, there is doubt that fundamentally puts a damper on any attempt at intimacy. If we are second-guessing our loved ones and don’t enable ourselves to trust them fully, then we will never be able to fully give ourselves.

There are many couples out there who practice not being entirely honest with each other, and it’s not because they do not love each other, but rather they do not understand what being honest means. In this post, we are going over tips to enable you to become more honest with the person you love.

–        Stop trying to defend yourself. People who lie often are protecting themselves from possible pain or trying to bolster their image in some way. You need to acknowledge why you lie in the first place, and make an attempt to alter the behavior.

–        Small lies can backfire. Little white lies can have a massive snowball effect, so be careful. If you tell one lie, you have to tell other lies to keep up the appearance.

–        Understand what you lie about. Is it money? Is it how you spend your time? Is it about your sexual preferences? Is it about the things you need from the relationship? Understanding what you are trying to protect will enable you to vocalize the concern to your partner.

–        Honesty is truly the best policy. To build trust, you must be as honest as possible. Tell the truth even if you know your partner doesn’t want to hear it. That way, they always know what comes out of your mouth is authentic.

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