Why men are scared of marriage

Women that are out there looking for Mr. right, might want to chill it a little. Maybe after reading this it might put things in perspective. If you want the perspective and wonder why they’re (Men), are scared of marriage.  Turn on your local comedy central and watch a man talk about marriage. I know [...]

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Why do girls swoon over celebrities?

This is an easy answer– well sort of. Men will buy all of the magazines and watch the movies just to see their babes. So I don’t think it’s necessarily just a chick thing, as it is more of a human thing. We all grow up to emanate celebrities. And the fact that they are [...]

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Who makes the first move?

The 1950’s called and said they want their hair back. But let’s face it, we are living in a different world and different time from our parents. Since the 1970’s women have been asking men out, and very successfully might I add. Just because we’re women doesn’t mean we don’t know what we want. In [...]

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Where to meet women

Men, as a woman, let me tell you that a bar is not always the best place to meet women. If you want something more than a hookup, then you need to look elsewhere! Not only is it occasionally creepy for women when you approach them in a bar, but it also makes it harder [...]

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Donating Sperm? Read this first

The majority of men can’t actually donate. If you have red hair, are a minority, under the average height then you need not apply. Save yourself the embarrassment and just don’t go. Did I mention you have to be at least six feet tall to donate? Well you do, as well as many other rules. [...]

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Do you two have enough in common?

First of all we need to remember that long-lasting relationships are based on compatibility between two people. This rings true for attraction. How much attraction and commonalities need to be there in order to make your relationship successful and long-lasting. There are many exercises that help you determine your compatibility. This exercise will help you [...]

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Do they deserve a second chance?

This has always been one of those taboo subjects, only because so many women and men will keep going out with the same girl or guy to end the same every time. Sometimes though the timing just isn’t right and they weren’t right for one another at that moment. But this being said, the act [...]

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Do nice guys finish last?

First of all women don’t want to know about your martyrdom. It works for some but certainly not the majority. Women think that nice guys can’t protect her as much as a bad boy can. Let’s face it, nice guys are fairly sensitive, they are openly emotional and most women have problems dealing with the [...]

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Do Looks really matter in bed?

If we want to be technical about it; then yes they do. We go to a bar or find a profile of someone online that is banging hot. Chances are the better looking they are the more you want to bed them–right? Well unfortunately, we all fall into this scenario. But in a recent study [...]

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Tips from a southern lady- and not the marrying kind

I’ve grown up my entire life in what seemed like a twilight zone re-run; the bible belt, deep in the heart of Texas. Now for a lot of things like southern hospitality and good home cooking Texas can be the perfect place to grow up, but when it comes to relationship advice it’s my worst [...]

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